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About Me


My name is Alejandro De Leon, but I also go by Alex. If you do try, just remember that song by Lady Gaga "Alejandro." About 3 years ago I bought my wife a camera for Christmas because she loves taking photos. I saw her work, which naturally inspired my creative side to break out of its shell.  

One year our friends were getting married and I offered to film their wedding.  I returned their project and they were in love. From there it just spiraled for me in a positive direction.  I kept learning the craft of wedding videography to elevate my skills. The more time I invested, the more I got hooked. 

Your event is as important to me as it is to you. My goal as a videographer is to capture your vision in its best form. In other words my goal is to make your vision comes to light better than you envisioned it. I make sure to capture the emotion, the details, and the vision you want to portray. 

Why  Work With Me?



Professional cameras to provide quality videos.



Lighting sets the scene in any vision. I'm experienced in lighting rooms to get an amazing image. 



I look at every project with a different perspective, so I can relate to the audience as they listen to the person telling the story.




I make sure to give you quality work at the best price.

I take the time during our consult to relate to you in every possible way.

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